Partnering with Allegis gives you, the independent advisor, the education and resources to grow your client base, develop your team and become more efficient.

Grow Your Client Base | Grow Your Team | Save Time & Money


Grow Your Client Base

 We provide the tools, training and expertise to help you find (and keep) new clients.


Brand Development

Setting yourself apart from your competition is key. Your brand is your first impression so it’s important to get it right. 

Free Brand Audit
Utilize our brand audit to learn where your brand needs improvement. We analyze your digital, print and social marketing strategies to make sure you’re maximizing your brand’s reach. 

Brand Builder Service
Qualifying advisors get access to our brand, website, and marketing improvement services. We work with you to craft your brand’s identity and present it to potential clients. 


PEAK Series

Our PEAK Series is designed to help advisors stand out from the competition, offering specialized, in-person training that’s been proven to increase an advisor’s client base.  

PEAK Seminars
Spend less time chasing leads and more time cultivating relationships with high-quality clients. The PEAK Seminar program guides you through the seminar process, from A to Z, including training on presentations, advertising for your event and closing business on the leads you’ve generated.  Learn more >

PEAK Business Owner Summit
Our turnkey program generates high-quality leads, while serving the needs of small business owners. Our summits are a half-day educational event that empowers owners of closely held businesses with the tools and strategies that avoid the six “business killers” that harm businesses and even an owner’s personal future. Learn more >


Grow Your Team

 Industry research (and 25 years of our own experience) has convincingly shown that pound-for-pound, team-based advisory firms significantly outperform single-advisor offices. Allegis can give you valuable feedback on what roles you can add to maximize your firm’s performance. Contact us to learn more >


Benefits of a team-based advisor firm include:

  • Higher advisor productivity and profitability

  • Increased client retention & satisfaction

  • Enhanced top-talent recruiting & retention with decreased training costs


Save Time & Money

 Our back-office experts and resources lower your costs and increase your efficiency, helping you focus on the needs of your clients.


Allegis Is Your Back Office

Our experienced, attentive and detail-oriented team does the heavy lifting.

New Business & Case Management Team
Our New Business & Case Management Team coordinates with advisors and carriers to ensure cases are being submitted and completed on schedule.

Case Design Team
Our Case Design Team analyzes your client’s needs and makes sure they’re getting the coverage they need without overpaying. They also find the best solutions for you from top-rated carriers.

In-house Underwriting
Our in-house underwriter has 30 years of industry experience and specializes in negotiating the right solution for advisors in a complex landscape. Learn more >

Advanced Markets Team
Specializing in case design, estate planning, business planning, premium financing, client education and more. Our Advanced Markets team is perfect for complex cases. Learn more >


Carrier and Product Breadth

We don’t require advisors to use a single carrier or type of product. Our wide-range of options ensures that you have access to the solutions that are a win for you AND your client. Download our Carrier Profile Sheet >

Our product categories include:

Life Insurance
Our broad and unique life carrier selection means you’ll never lose a case to the competition. We represent the strongest and most prestigious life insurance carriers in the industry. Contact our Life team at 800-418-1788 (ext. 2) or

Protecting assets and guaranteeing lifetime income are among the biggest concerns of clients. We partner with the strongest and most competitive annuity carriers in the industry to ensure that you can offer your client the best option. Contact our Annuity team at (800) 418-1788 (ext. 3) or

Disability Insurance
If your clients are injured and unable to work, how do they plan for the future or meet immediate needs? Disability insurance can help. Coverage is available for most occupations through our broad assortment of carriers. Contact our DI team at (800) 418-1788 (ext. 4) or

Long Term Care
Chronic and critical illness or nursing home confinement is a primary concern for most clients. We offer multiple products to meet your client’s needs, including traditional LTC insurance, linked benefits, and annuity-based solutions. Contact our LTC team at (800) 418-1788 (ext. 5) or

Linked Benefits
Life insurance only provides a death benefit and long-term care insurance only pays for qualifying expenses. A linked benefit policy has a death benefit, maintains a cash value and can provide income tax-free payments for qualified long-term care related expenses. Contact our Linked team at (800) 418-1788 (ext. 5) or


Digital Advisor Tools

Submit business, download forms and check your Allegis Points and more with our free tools.

Video Basics
These short and simple videos are designed for the independent fixed-business advisor as they seek to improve their knowledge and service to clients, wether they’re just starting or are perfecting their established practice. Watch them here >

Vive (e-Apps)
We’re excited to announce our partnership with Vive®. It simplifies case status tracking and its accelerated underwriting feature is a must-have for advisors looking to simplify their processes.  Learn more >

Advisor Portal
Our proprietary advisor portal allows you to view your Allegis points, download carrier forms, watch our video training library and more. Register > or log in >

EP Navigator
Finally! Affordable, high quality estate planning documents created online, in real time. Your practice can now include a turn key estate planning solution with attorneys in all 50 states. Learn more >

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Quote & submit applications from anywhere with the Allegis App. Download at the Mac App Store > or Google Play >


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