What is a Business Owners Summit?

The summit is a half day educational event focused on empowering owners of closely held businesses with tools and strategies to help avoid the “Six Most Common Business Killers” that can harm their business and personal future.

Covered topics: Six Most Common Business Killers

4. “I’m too busy running my company.”

5. “There’s plenty of time for that.”

6. “You can’t beat Uncle Sam.”

1. “I know what my business is worth.”

2. “That will never happen to me.”

3. “My business is my retirement”

We’ll also cover strategies for avoiding other common mistakes, as well as the Tax Reform Act of 2018 and its effect on businesses, owners and their families. 

What’s provided?

  • Training on how to assess business owner risks and how to minimize that impact

  • Our turnkey program at no cost to the producer, including access to presenters like industry professionals, CPAs and more

  • Marketing materials that can be adapted to you as a producer, including mailers, branded folders and more

  • Guidance on using centers of influence to reach out to business owners

Why focus on small business owners?


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