How can we help your business grow?

We understand that advisors are busy in the day-to-day processes as the rainmakers for their practice. The Advanced Market Team can ease that burden and complexity. You have a back office to enhance your offerings and provide you with an edge for competitive cases. It might be a simple call with a technical question or partnering for a design and case presentation. Our goal is to boost your business production by increasing your horizon.

Life Insurance Design

  • Product Selection

  • Ownership

  • Competitive Review

  • Premium Finance

  • Needs Analysis

Estate Planning

  • Estate Tax Projections

  • Structure Review

  • Beneficiary Taxation and Estate Equalization

Business Planning

  • Business Succession

  • Key Man

  • Executive Benefit Planning

  • 831(b) Captive Designs

Client Education

  • Concept Explanations

  • Specimen Documents

  • Insurance Taxation

Advanced Markets FAQ

Our Advanced Planning team has resources to address the common questions advisors may have. These include questions regarding:

  • Types of Trust (Irrevocable vs Revocable)

  • Federal Estate Tax

  • Income in Respect of Decedent (IRD)

  • Keyman Coverage

  • Executive Bonus Agreements

  • Split Dollar Arrangements

  • Business Succession

  • Qualified Retirement Plans

  • 831(b) Microcaptives

  • Conservation Easements

Tyson and the Advanced Markets Team were instrumental in helping me close a very large estate planning case with a large business owner. The case had a number of challenging issues the team helped me overcome. From meeting with the client and designing the case, to seeing it through underwriting, their expertise and focus on the details made all the difference in getting the case done. I highly recommend taking advantage of their skills!
— Dennis

You can also call Tyson at (801) 826-2600, or Jameson at (801) 826-2601