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5 new ways that Vive saves you valuable time – every time.

1. Quote, compare and submit an order in just 5 minutes.

Vive gives you the industry’s fastest way to write term life insurance. Watch the 90=second demo below.

2. Get Accelerated Underwriting decisions in days instead of weeks.

Vive’s groundbreaking technology feeds data directly to insurance carriers. The direct links allow Vive to immediately deterimine your client’s AU eligibility. It’s a breakthrough that allows carriers to make more non-medical underwriting decisions in a matter of days. No exam, no blood, no medical records.

3. The Vive Score. Because price isn’t everything.

In an industry first, Vive creates a weighted score to rate the overall consumer value of each product above and beyond price. No other online tool does so much to make consultative selling so easy!

4. Real-time case status at your fingertips.

Vive automatically aggregates all case status across all Vive carriers in one location. Auto alerts via email or text let you focus on cases that need special attention. More cases stay on schedule with a lot less effort.

5. We want to hold your hand with quote sharing.

Just contact your Vive-affiliated BGA now and ask them to run your quotes for you. They’ll start your order and send a Share-a-Quote link by text or email. You get instant access to the order for internal review, revision or finalization.


A SIMPLER WAY TO TRACK the status of all your active cases.

Case Status updated daily.
When you log in and click on My Cases, the first thing you’ll see is Case Status which shows the progress of all of your Vive cases from all carriers in one place. No other platform consolidates so much information in such an easy-to-use interface. You’ll avoid the risk of overlooking a key task or deadline that could delay or even prevent policy issue.

Alerts help you focus on cases that need attention.
Vive has transformed the ability to review case status by providing a series of color-coded milestones of each case during the new business and underwriting process. In a second, you can tell if everything is proceeding smoothly. Vive will update you via text or email any time there is an alert on one of your cases.

Vive has negotiated SLAs with each carrier.
All Vive carriers are held accountable by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This means that the carriers have agreed to a certain number of days for achieving each milestone. If a case falls out of service level, you will be alerted in My Cases on

THE FUTURE of Accelerated Underwriting IS HERE.

Vive’s approach to AU turbocharges the process like never before.
We’ve negotiated direct access to the systems of all Vive carriers so that Vive can collect and transmit data based on each carrier’s individual AU requirements. Thanks to this innovation, the AU process can begin right away and underwriting decisions can be made in days instead of weeks.

The AU symbol indicates your client’s AU eligibility for that carrier.
Vive is the only system that determines AU eligibility at this early stage. On the quote screen, Vive displays a list of options available to your client. The AU symbol identifies every policy for which your client meets the carrier’s AU criteria.

The AU approval process begins within 24-48 hours.
AU approval happens with no exam, blood work or medical records. Policies are issued in time frames measured in days instead of weeks or months.

Even if the client doesn’t qualify for AU…
…the approval process can be substantially faster than traditional underwriting because Vive and the carriers have agreed to seamlessly continue the underwriting process.

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