June's Sales Ideas

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Selling DI to the Middle Market (local advisors) – June 27
Join us for lunch as Brock Falconer of Illinois Mutual offers insights on selling DI more efficiently.
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PEAK: Savings-based Insurance, Tuesday August 13th
Geared to help the advisor identify, present and close Long-Term care and wealth transfer opportunities designed around their specific book of business and new clients.
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PEAK: Business Owner Summit, Wednesday & Thursday, August 14th & 15th
Our turnkey program generates high-quality leads, while serving the needs of small business owners. Learn how to present a half-day educational event that empowers owners of closely held businesses with the tools and strategies that avoid the six “business killers” that harm businesses and even an owner’s personal future.
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PEAK: Seminars, Friday August 16th
Spend less time chasing leads and more time cultivating relationships with high-quality clients. The PEAK Seminar program guides you through the seminar process, from A to Z, including training on presentations, advertising for your event and closing business on the leads you’ve generated.
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Life Insurance

Eric Stuart | eric.stuart@allegisag.com | 801.826.3929
Sarah Clift | sarah.clift@allegisag.com | 801.826.3923
Josh Pfifer | josh.phifer@allegisag.com | 801.826.3991

The answer is here
Which rider is best for your clients’ long-term care needs? The difference between LTC and Chronic Illness riders, explained.
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Life insurance opportunities are all around.
The key is to quickly identify those opportunities and provide solutions for your clients. From simple answers to more advanced concepts, being able to identify the strategy that best meets your clients' needs is the primary goal. Get the help you need with Client Profiler to easily discover opportunities within your existing book of business to better serve your clients' needs.
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Dean Hamilton | dean.hamilton@allegisag.com | 801-826-3911
Travis Carrell | travis.carrell@allegisag.com | 801-826-3914

Too early to think about RMD planning?
How many clients do you have that would like to reduce their tax bill from RMD’s every year? Check out a QLAC (qualified longevity annuity contract) as a strategy to avoid unnecessary tax bills.
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Income planning with a twist
From Legacy’s Flex Mark – deliver more income to clients in the first few years, so they bridge the gap until Social Security or simply enjoy their early retirement years.
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Use less of your clients money to deliver the income they need
Or, deliver more income for your clients who need it, WITHOUT annuitization.
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Linked Benefits

Heather Rolfe | heather.rolfe@allegisag.com | 801-826-3977
Rob Christensen | rob.c@allegisag.com | 801-826-3922

Protect your future the way you protect your assets.
OneAmerica Care Solutions can help you protect your future. You don’t think twice about protecting your car. You protect your home and everything in it. Why not take the same care to protect your future?
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Two simple questions you should ask.
Help start the long-term care (LTC) conversation by using these important questions with your clients to shed light on the consequences of ignoring the risks of LTC.
1. “You may never need care, but what if you did?” and 2. “How will you pay for it?”
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What does life in retirement look like to you?
Is it a continuation of your current lifestyle, minus the job? Do you expect your expenses to rise, especially in the early years of your retirement as you indulge in the trips and leisure activities you dreamed about during your working years? Or do you simply want the flexibility to adapt to whatever life brings your way? Whatever future you envision, upgrading your guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB) rider* to the MyFit Income Rider (Traditional GLWB) or MyFit Income Rider With Booster (Traditional GLWB With Income Booster)** gives you the opportunity to choose the features that fit your lifestyle and financial needs.
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Disability Insurance

Bart Spencer | bart.spencer@allegisag.com | 801-644-2278

Group Short Term and Long term disability
Many advisors are not aware that they can offer group short term and long term disability to their business clients who have as few as two employees. The policies are guaranteed issue with existing health conditions managed with a pre existing condition clause. After a period of 12 months, their pre existing health issues would be covered by most group carriers. How do you get a quote? Complete the census and return to Allegis disability team to obtain quotes from several carriers.
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Business Overhead expense coverage
If you have business clients who own a small business and they are the primary revenue generator for the business, perhaps you should suggest Disability Business Overhead Expense (BOE) protection. Prime prospects could be: physicians; dentists; accountants; attorneys; engineers, etc… Business Overhead Expense pays salaries, utilities, rent, equipment leases and other associated business expenses for small businesses. Find a client, get the details and reach out to the Allegis DI team for custom quotes for your clients.
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