July's Product Updates


PEAK: Savings-based Insurance, Tuesday August 13th – Geared to help the advisor identify, present and close Long-Term care and wealth transfer opportunities designed around their specific book of business and new clients. 
Learn more and RSVP > https://www.eventbrite.com/e/peak-savings-based-insurance-tickets-63674082896

PEAK: Business Owner Summit, Wednesday & Thursday, August 14th & 15th – Our turnkey program generates high-quality leads, while serving the needs of small business owners. Learn how to present a half-day educational event that empowers owners of closely held businesses with the tools and strategies that avoid the six “business killers” that harm businesses and even an owner’s personal future. 
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PEAK: Seminars, Friday August 16th – Spend less time chasing leads and more time cultivating relationships with high-quality clients. The PEAK Seminar program guides you through the seminar process, from A to Z, including training on presentations, advertising for your event and closing business on the leads you’ve generated. 
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FlexMark Select indexed annuities from Ameritas 

Give your clients the flexibility of managing their income in retirement to best suit their needs. Offers an LTC Booster, writes up to age 85.

Download the Product Guide > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/Annuities/Legacy+Flex+Mark+Select+Product+Guide.PDF



Delaware MYGA rates are decreasing July 15th

Make sure you get your apps signed and dated before the deadline, the 5 year MYGA drops to 2.80%.

Download the Rate Sheet > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/Annuities/Delaware+rate+sheet.pdf


The Allianz 222 now allows you to double your income for confinement and ADLs on their 222 contract

They have also reduced their rates recently.

Download the Feature Spotlight > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/Annuities/New+ADL-based+qualification+for+Allianz+222.pdf

Download the Rate Sheet > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/Annuities/Allianz+222+Rate+Sheet.pdf


New! Quick video sales ideas.

Check out our quick Annuity Video Sales Ideas below:

RMDs (2:37)

Long Term Care (3:45)

Legacy Planning (2:50)

Income Planning (5:56)


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Mutual of Omaha Announces Updates to Life Products for 2017 CSO Table Changes

The first phase of product changes will be implemented on August 1, 2019:

  • Income Advantage IUL will be updated with the new tables.

  • AccumUL Plus, our fixed universal life insurance product, will be discontinued.

  • AccumUL Answers will remain in the portfolio and will be modified with the new tables.

  • AccumUL Answers will be introduced in California

Download the PDF to learn more > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/Life/Mutual+of+Omaha+Announcement.pdf


Introducing: New Rates for PL Promise Term Life Insurance 

On June 10, 2019, Pacific Life reinforced its commitment to serving the needs of the broad market consumer with affordable death benefit life insurance coverage by lowering rates for PL Promise Term.

Download the PDF > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/Life/PL+Promise+Term+Announcement.pdf

Remain Competitive with Term Essential® and Term Elite®

Here’s the great news ­– people are living longer. Of course, improving mortality impacts how the life insurance industry prices protection products. This includes Prudential’s Term Essential and Term Elite. Effective July 15, 2019, both products will be repriced to reflect new mortality tables. 

Download the PDF > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/Life/Pru+Term+Essential+and+Elite+Announcement.pdf


New! Quick video sales ideas.

Check out our quick Life Insurance Video Sales Ideas below:

Leverage for Legacy (2:35)

Policy Reviews (1:49)


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Care Solutions Interest Rate Notice and Guaranteed Interest Rate Changes

Effective Monday, July 15, 2019, some OneAmerica® interest rates are changing.

  • Annuity Care II and Indexed Annuity Care®new money rates are decreasing.

  • New rates and transition rules are listed below.

  • All other rates remain unchanged.

Learn more > http://view.aulind.oneamericaemailservices.com/?qs=a323801231e5d82d68398b014ad36330252a23dcb738753774ce54b283dd1a8c1f27195924fed86f4b528ecdff0cffa75bd2c9082826567cf3cf01be1abcf197249df9d972080e6dadb79bb98a4a156c


State approvals for Asset Care product launch

See the status for each state on the PDF below.

Download the PDF > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/LTC/AC17+Product+Launch+and+Advertising+Approval+Tracking.pdf


Lincoln MoneyGuard® II Enhanced Underwriting Program 

Effective immediately – for a limited time only – Lincoln is pleased to announce expanded underwriting consideration for Lincoln MoneyGuard® II applications submitted and received at Lincoln by November 1, 2019 and placed with premium by December 31, 2019. This new opportunity will offer underwriting up to Table 8 for mortality risk, providing coverage for individuals who may not have previously qualified for Lincoln MoneyGuard II. 

Download the overview and FAQ > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/LTC/Lincoln+MoneyGuard+II+Enhanced+Underwriting+Program+(003).pdf


You asked, we’re answering. Policy Lifetime Commissions are now available.

We appreciate the opinions of our valued field sales partners. To continue to build upon a mutually successful relationship, National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL) is thrilled to provide a comprehensive commission structure.

Download the PDF > https://www.ngl-essentialltc.com/assets/Lifetime%20Commissions%20(NLTC-0216).pdf


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Ameritas has announced some significant enhancements to their underwriting of disability income protection policies:

  • Business Owner Income Enhancer: Now available for 6M, 5M and 4M. Change does not apply to BOE, GSI, general dentists or dental specialties

  • FIO Rider: May now be exercised up to and including age 45

  • Catastrophic Rider: Applicants applying for coverage using employer-pay limits when monthly benefit is taxable can increase the amount of CAT rider to account for the taxability of the monthly benefit.

  • Net Worth: Applicants with a net worth of up to $6,000,000 are acceptable for consideration without adverse action. Net worth of $6,000,0001 to $10,000,000 will be given case-by-case consideration

  • Unearned Income: Unearned income of up to 15% of earned income will be disregarded and 50% of the remaining monthly unearned income will be deducted from the monthly benefit otherwise available based on earned income.

  • Accelerated Depreciation: Will allow 20% of the section 179 depreciation amount to be added back to insurable income. The maximum increase in monthly benefit resulting from this is limited to $1,000

  • EZ App: We have updated our EZ App medical underwriting requirements (enhancements do not apply to dentists and dental specialists).

Download the PDF > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/DI/Product+update+July+2019.pdf


Illinois Mutual is offering incentive $$$ to promote their disability insurance products. 

They are a great fit in the middle market.  You can earn $300, $600 or $900 with relatively modest production. 

Download the PDF > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/DI/2019+Quarterly+Incentive+1.pdf


The Council for Disability Awareness has just completed a study on the income protection needs of single women. 

In the PDF below you will learn the following:

Of greatest concern was the nearly 10 million single, working females who said they were “extremely unprepared” financially for work absences. This group was almost three times as vulnerable to income loss as men (11%) and less secure than married women – 20% of whom reported extreme unpreparedness.

Download the PDF > https://allegisag.s3.amazonaws.com/newsletter/Product+1907/DI/CDA_SingleWomenPR_FactSheet.pdf


New! Quick video sales ideas.

Check out our quick Disability Video Sales Ideas below:

Overhead Expense (1:52)

Individual DI (2:33)

Group DI (2:36)


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New! Quick video sales ideas.

Check out our quick Underwriting Video Sales Ideas below:

Nicotine Use (1:30)

Marijuana Use (2:37)

Hazardous Activities (2:18)

Layne Turner