Help your clients enjoy what they’ve saved for!

Assured Edge Income Achiever has a built-in guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit to help generate more predictable lifetime income.

With Assured Edge Income Achiever, you can help clients:

  • GUARANTEE retirement income for life – for example, 6.50% available at age 65 (Single Coverage) as of 01/07/2019 (1) 

  • GROW future lifetime income based on a 7.5% income growth rate each year that withdrawals are not taken, until lifetime income withdrawals begin (2, 3, 4)  

  • MAINTAIN access to their money and protect their principal (3)

  • FLEXIBILITY  to choose single or joint income at income start date, not when you start the contract

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1 The income percentage is a factor used to determine the guaranteed lifetime income amount. The income percentage is based on issue age and number of covered persons. Income percentages are periodically set by the company and may be different than what is shown in this example. Please contact us for current income percentages.
2 The income growth rate is not a rate of return and does not increase contract value. It is multiplied by the initial guaranteed lifetime income amount (GLIA) to determine a dollar income credit which is then added to the GLIA in years in which withdrawals are not taken.
3 If clients take any withdrawals from their contract (including Required Minimum Distributions) before lifetime income withdrawals begin, the withdrawals will be considered excess withdrawals. As a result: 1) the income credit will not be added to the guaranteed lifetime income amount for the year the excess withdrawal is taken; 2) the excess withdrawal amount will reduce the income credit and the guaranteed lifetime income amount; and 3) if the excess withdrawal reduces the contract value to zero, clients will not receive lifetime income withdrawals under the guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit and the contract will be terminated.
4 The opportunity for annual increases ends once lifetime income withdrawals begin.